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Get Your Audience The Information They Need

EcoBot is a custom chatbot that provides easy access to information about your community, ecosystem, or institutional network

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Custom Trained

Pre-Populated with Data About Your Ecosystem

EcoBot curates, cleans, & updates information about your specific ecosystem, including organizations, resources, & opportunities. This curated data then trains your EcoBot, so it can respond to specific requests from your stakeholders

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EcoBot Curates Data about your Ecosystem

We start by deeply understanding your ecosystem and what you want your platform to do, and then we curate the most applicable data

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EcoBot Integrates with Internal Datasources

You provide us with any internal data that you want fed into your EcoBot, such as training documents, team information, or customer information

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Data is Monitored & Perpetually Updated

We integrate all the data together to train your EcoBot, and we continually monitor any curated data to ensure it is up to date and accurate

Full Control

Fully Control Your Chatbot User Experience

EcoBot is already trained to respond only using information about your ecosystem, but you can customize the experience of users even more by determining what information is shown, if any data is excluded, and how the EcoBot should appear

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Determine Data Shown

You can decide what types of data are available to users (organizations, resources, people, etc), as well as if any specific items that have been curated should be excluded

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Control Data Fields

When we curate data, you can ask us to collect more detailed information, such as contact information and keywords, which you can choose to show to users

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Add Your Brand

Change the name of your EcoBot, how it introduces itself, the colors that are shown on the interface, and where you want your EcoBot to live: as a popup, screen, or full site

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Easy to Use

Speaks to All Stakeholders

Chatbots are the easiest to use interface for people to find information: they operate from a single screen, they can understand a variety of requests, and they don't require the user to learn how to use new software.

EcoBot makes the power of chatbots available to all organizations, communities, and ecosystems

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Full-Service Implementation

When you get an EcoBot, all we need from you is the data you want to curate about your ecosystem, and any internal data that you want to include. We handle the rest.

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Trained to Respond Appropriately

Unlike many off-the-shelf chatbots, EcoBot is trained only to respond about information related to your ecosystem. It won't discuss politics, opinions, or any off-brand topics.

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Powerful Information Behind a Simple Design

EcoBot is a simple chatbot that integrates easily onto your website. For the tremendous amount of information it curates, EcoBot is remarkably easy to setup and use

Let's Talk Data

EcoBot Can Curate All Types of Data About Your Ecosystem

Here's the different types of data that you can make accessible to users through your custom EcoBot:

Organizations & Governments

Organizations & Governments

From large corporations to government agencies, curating data about Organizations allows people to understand the key players within your ecosystem

Businesses & Nonprofits

Businesses & Nonprofits

From main street stores to high growth companies, curating information about businesses helps people understand who is doing what



Whether you're looking at employees, partners, or mentors, curating information about People in your ecosystem help users find others to connect with and learn from

Jobs & Internships

Jobs & Internships

Help members of your ecosystem find their next work opportunity or future career by curating information about jobs, internships, and gigs within your ecosystem



Make it easy for your community to get plugged in and stay on top of all that's happening through curating information about upcoming events in your ecosystem

News & Articles

News & Articles

Help your community stay on top of what's going on by curating information about breaking news or feature articles about your ecosystem

Departments & Teams

Departments & Teams

In large organizations or institutions, it can be hard to know which Department or Team is working on what. Help your stakeholders navigate by curating data about your Departments and Teams

RFPs & Contract Opportunities

RFPs & Contract Opportunities

Help businesses within your ecosystem stay on top of the B2B and procurement opportunities that they can apply for

Internal Documentation

Internal Documentation

Make it easy for your team to find the information they need by curating training guides, reports, and other internal documentation they may need

Why EcoBot

Why Organizations Choose EcoBot

We Bring the Data Others Can't.

Chatbots are only as good as the data they are trained on. EcoBot is the only chatbot that's trained on curated, detailed, & updated data about your ecosystem. Other off-the-shelf chatbots cannot respond to ecosystem-specific questions, because they don't have the data to do so.

EcoMap Technologies, the company behind EcoBot, has been curating ecosystem data for organizations across the world for years. Originally, this data was fed into EcoMap platforms, robust online tools used to navigate ecosystems. Now, we're using this same proprietary data aggregation technology to power the next frontier of information access: custom chatbots.

EcoBot's an Expert for Every Ecosystem

All ecosystems - a university, a corporate network, or a rural main street - are simply networks of people, organizations, resources, opportunity, and the activity and relationships between them.

EcoBot makes information about all of these accessible with an easy-to-use chatbot interface

EcoBot's Always Improving

We are constantly updating and improving the tecnology that underlies

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