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A Custom Chatbot for your Ecosystem

EcoBot is the first chatbot trained to respond with information specific to your community, organization, or audience

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Powerful Chatbots Meet Curated Data

EcoBot is trained on curated data about your community, organization, or industry, so it can respond with insights specific to your stakeholders.

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Respond with Real Resources & Information

Your stakeholders need access to many different types of data - EcoBot can make any of them easily accessible: 

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Organizations & Businesses
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Resources & Programs
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People & Departments
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Internal Documents
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Events & News
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Jobs & Opportunities

Empower Everyone in your Ecosystem

EcoBot's easy-to-use chatbot interface makes it easy for every stakeholder to access the information they need, regardless of their technological fluency

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How EcoBot is Used

Superpowered Search for Every Ecosystem

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Help business owners and entrepreneurs find the resources they need, or help people find and support local businesses. EcoBot works for all types of entrepreneural ecosystems, from Main Streets to regional innovation districts

“What are local stores that sell candles?”

“I need permits for my food truck”

“Show me funding for Black-led companies”

Governments & Social Services

Help community members find the resources and services they need, without complicated technology platforms

"I can’t make my rent this month”

“I’m looking for disability assistance”

“Show me resources for working parents”

Industry & Sector Groups

Whether you're running an industry association or just trying to understand what's happening in your sector, easily access the information you need about what's going on

“Show me companies working on chatbots”

“What are CleanTech conferences I can attend?”

“Who should I talk to about the new manufacturing tax credits?”

Colleges & Universities

Help students, staff, and/or faculty find what they need across departments, campuses, and types of information.

"Student groups on campus I can join"

“What courses should I take if I’m interested in design?”

“Which professors are working on nerve regeneration?”

Companies & Organizations

Whether you're a 30 or 3,000 person organization, empower your team to find the information that they need about eachother, your operations, or your partner networks

"Who is on the engineering team?

"What are the new employee benefits?

“Which of our customers are located in the midwest?

Nonprofits & Foundations

Philanthropic ecosystems can be notoriously hard to navigate. Make it easy for community members, stakeholders, and team members to find what they need

“Show me resources about operations that I can send to a new nonprofit”

"I need a programmatic grant for my nonprofit"

“Which nonprofits are working on homeless services?”

EcoBot is Built for You

Fully Control Your Chatbot Experience

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Choose the Data your EcoBot can Respond With

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Control what information is shown to users

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Manage the data that is available to users real-time

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Match your branding and your workflows

Why EcoBot is Special

Why Get a Custom Chatbot?

Easy to Use, for All Users

Chatbots are the easiest way for people to access information, because they understand and respond in natural language.

Whether someone asks a question or gives a command, the chatbot will respond with helpful information drawn from the specific data about your ecosystem or organization

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Built for Your Ecosystem

Generic chatbots like ChatGPT are trained on massive datasets, making them very powerful but not great at responding to requests for context-specific, private, or real-time information.

EcoBots are trained on pre-curated, continually updated data about your ecosystem, so your users can ask it specific questions and get accurate, timely answers.

Users don't have to specify the context in their request - EcoBot will respond to generic questions with the relevant information

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Built-in Content Controls

One big issue with off-the-shelf chatbots is the lack of control over how they will respond to user requests. EcoBot is trained to respond only using the data it's trained on, and to politely reject out-of-scope or inappropriate requests

You may not want to curate all of the different types of data for your ecosystem, so if a user asks about them, EcoBot is trained to respond with the next best recommendations.

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Where EcoBot Lives

Where You'll Find EcoBot

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Corner Chatbot on Your Website

The EcoBot lives as a corner chatbot on your existing website, so it's easy to access for your audience

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Easily Integrate into Additional Websites

EcoBot can be integrated into any number of additional websites, so it can reach your audience wherever they land

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Insights on your Admin Panel

View insights into what people are searching for and control EcoBot's configuration on your Admin Panel

How to Get EcoBot

All You Have to Do is Ask.

Okay, getting a custom AI chatbot is a bit more complicated than using it. But you're only 3 steps away from a custom EcoBot:

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Tell Us Your Target Audience & Data

Provide basic information about the ecosystem you're in, the data you want to curate, and your target users

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We Curate Data & Train Your EcoBot

We collect, curate, and, clean data about  your target ecosystem, and use it to train your custom EcoBot

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EcoBot is Integrated into your Workflow

When it's ready to go, EcoBot can be added to your existing website or set up as a new website

Want to See EcoBot in Action? Sign Up for a Live Demo

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of ecosystems and data does EcoBot work with?

Since every EcoBot is trained on custom-curated data, EcoBot works for all types of ecosystems and organizations, from small business communities to internal corporate networks.

The data that is used to train your EcoBot is entirely up to you - it can provide insights on people, organizations, resources, events, initiatives, jobs, documents, etc.

How much does an EcoBot cost?

The price of EcoBots vary based on the amount of data that you wish to curate with it and the volume of usage it receives. Schedule a demo to get a quote specifically for your use case

How do you ensure EcoBot doesn't say something inappropriate?

Unlike off-the-shelf models like ChatGPT or the new Microsoft Bing, EcoBots are trained to specific respond with information about your ecosystem - not about politics, world events, or other types of data. If asked an inappropriate request, or one that involves data that you did not choose to curate, EcoBot will politely decline to answer.

How long does it take to create an EcoBot for my ecosystem?

EcoBots take ~4-16 weeks from start to launch, depending almost entirely on the amount and types of data that you want to curate.

An EcoBot for a small Main Street community will take about 4 weeks, and an EcoBot for an entire state or industry might take 12-16 weeks to curate the data that is needed.

How is EcoBot different than using Chat GPT?

ChatGPT is an incredibly powerful tool, and the language model that it is built on is very similar to the one that EcoBots are built on. But ChatGPT is built to work for a massive audience, meaning it's not great at answering questions about specific ecosystems. EcoBot provides the same conversational interface as ChatGPT, but is trained on the data that is specific to your ecosystem or organization, so it can respond to these types of questions.

Can EcoBot work for ____?

If you're not sure if EcoBot will work for your ecosystem or use case, get in touch with us! We've worked with a ton of unique ecosystems

Powered by EcoMap Tech, the leader in ecosystem tools

EcoMap Technologies has been curating data for ecosystems across the world for nearly 5 years, using proprietary technology and an expert team of 30 based in Baltimore, MD

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